I reserved going to Phare Circus until I had learned first hand about their elevating social enterprise, roamed the Phare Ponleu Selpak (PPSA) or “The Brightness of the Arts” campus in Battambang, and befriended teachers, students and some of the countless talented artists that have emerged from it. Last night I experienced their production of White Gold…and it was golden. The brilliance of their productions are their multi-level meanings; the intimacy of their performance; their sheer grit; and their ability to suffuse deep meaning in the distinctive Cambodian blend of acrobatics, dance, Commedia dell’arte, history, ancient storytelling, mystery, and tradition – all with an elegant simplicity of production. Fusing visual arts, music, and the human body, Phare offers a rare opportunity to celebrate life, death, darkness, and spirit with raucous cheers and reverent silence from a spellbound audience.