It would be an injustice to add anything about these Soul Shoes.  Lea Ann Gardners own words, and the soles of her beloved flip flops, speak with both hands and hearts for the hearing impaired and deaf children in the world.

“I used my own shoes that have traveled many miles, but mainly they have just formed to my feet as I walk through life. They are my favorite “bedazzled flip flops” that cushion and support my souls like no other pair I own. I love these shoes even though they are worn out and old. I decorated these shoes in honor of my many deaf students who have survived all kinds of abuse- physical, sexual, and emotional. These deaf children all have a story to tell, they just tell their stories a different way. Those of us who know their language have a chance to open the ears of our hearts to learn their stories, and try to understand how the abuse has affected them. We have the responsibility to share their stories, and to free them from being silent victims. 

I call my creation “walk a mile in my shoes” – Lea Ann Gardner, Houston, Texas