Photo by Khmer photographer KAK Sokphirom

Our hands are full with our work, and we seek help.

We need money to pay contributors to our cultural arts website, Magical Cambodia.


Our – Art for Charity has worked feverishly to raise funds to assist struggling artists worldwide. Due to the long strain of Covid and so many nations in extremely vulnerable economic and social peril, we receive requests daily for food and supplies.


Please consider donating to the Mode Theatre Living Arts Corporation, dba Living Arts Corporation.


Money is money.  We will be forever grateful if you can support or assist us in any regard so that we may continue our work.  Help us grow more meaningful and effective.  Your ideas.  Your thoughts.  Your nickels and dimes.  Your time and attention.  Your good words.  Your suggestions.  Your rich brother, perhaps?

We’re all in this boat together.

We all want to be noticed, seen, and respected.


Please select a free art piece on and consider donating whatever you can to our work.


Donations go straight into the charity’s bank account.


Our PayPal donation account accepts both PayPal and major credit cards.