Since 1994 we have remained a small group of ordinary people who have volunteered their time and support to create small extraordinary acts.

We dig deep into our own pockets.  We do our work to keep sane.  We do it to be human.

The Ningo Guide, which is one of only 6 remaining independent magazines in China, has allowed us to republish many of their photographs and articles written for their Just Jinx column.  We are indebted to Nick Jamura, Sylvie Metzer, Thane Holland and all of our friends in China.  Colin Cameron documented much of our theatre history, and without him, we would have no visual memories.

Along the way, we have been assisted by incredible artists, teachers, parents, musicians, clients, social advocates, writers and friends.  We are indebted to each of them.

Collen Nyanhongo, Gideon Nyanhongo, Stalin Tafura, Brian Nyanhongo, Hanah Jon Taylor, Isabel Manalo, Peter Minshall, Randy Anderson, Pascal Ramkisoon, Lois Nowicki, Prof. Bill Bunce, Agnes Nyanhongo, Greig Steiner, Gordon Morey, Michael Biernbaum, Dickey Lee Stafford, Amy Wendt, David Bunyan, Collen Cameron, Lynn Slattery Hellmuth, Claudia Delong, William Newhouse, Cy Admundson, Daryl Ridgely, Enrique Rueda,  The Flying Tongues, Claudia Delong, Anna Marie Manalo, Dede Bangs, Margo Williamson, Janet Huges, Deone Jahnke, Chris Bardley, Eric Lynn, Rique Sandford, Kaveh Soofi, Jan Kreiger, Carol Chase Bjerke, Kim Sholly, Jan Kreiger, Deone Janke, Prof. Gene Kain, , Jim Forrest, Mary Waitrovich, Kelli Hoppman, Theresa Abel, Merritt L. Mapp, Joel Herbst, Dale Malner, Brenda Baker, Sybil Robinson, Sterling Jones, Nedra Cobb, Collen Cameron, Clare Arena Haden, Rick Jones, Jamie McHugh, Pam Chickering Wilson, Amy Wendt, Ann Marie Aumann, St. Coletta, Carol Wendt, Jean Ferraca, Heather Ullsvik, Dustin Strong, Davis Isrealstam, Steve Tesmer, Scott Lesh, Peter Phippen, David C Davis, Madeline Davis, David Parr, Stephanie Kulke, Patricia Hable Zastrow, Andre Ferella, Shirley Seireg, Carol Chase Bjerke, Al “Trini” Felice, Debra Gottschalk, Kate Ryan, Steve & Eileen Sand, Theresa Pryor Kohl, Nancy Wood, Brent Cox, Charlette Hein, Mary Peschel, Clare Johnson, Erica Mather, Wendy Fern Hutton, Glenn Halak, Mike Hansen, Patrick Frerkicks, Dana Beilke, Ra Araxus, Bob Rashid, Adam Ellyson, Gail Sterkel and Virginia Rose. We were gifted by an embracing ‘working audience’ of 30,000+ patrons of the Mode Theatre for many years.  They taught us priceless lessons.  We pay tribute to the many incredible artists and social activists who have died along the way and whose memorial celebrations we were honored to have at our theatre.  Our deepest apologies for those we have omitted.