Make a Shoe. Walk in a Child's Shoes.

You don’t have to be an artist to create a moving personal tribute to a child that died from violence.


If you know a child that died by name, include the name of the child you are remembering. Feel free to include additional information such as the dates of birth and death, hometown, special talents or photos.


Use any shoe or pair of shoes you wish.  New, old, found, or purchased.  Do anything you want with the shoes.


Use any material you wish to construct and express a statement with your shoe.


Please take the time to write a letter about the child you’ve remembered. The letter might include your relationship to him or her, how he or she would like to be remembered, and a favorite memory. If possible, please send us a photograph along with the letter for our archives.


If you are making a shoe for an anonymous child, please consider writing us about your process and your thoughts.  Send any photographs of your process as you choose for our archives.  


Fill out the Shoe Maker Entrty Form below.  This provides us with vital information about you and your shoes.


Send us videos of you and groups of children, students, friends or neighbors making shoes.  Share your stories and we will document them online and on YouTube.


Take quality photos of your shoes so that we may create an online gallery and post them on social networks.  Send your digital photos to or mail a DVD/CD to:  Living Arts Corporation, 2300 W Eisenhower Blvd. Loveland, CO 80537.


Keep your shoe in a prominent and safe place so that you may ponder it and engage others in the conversation.


When enough shoes are created we will exhibit the shoes in various aesthetic ways and in various public places. We will contact Shoe Makers to request permission to exhibit their shoes.  We will provide shipping instructions.


Post your shoes on social networks, at our Facebook page and on Twitter.  Help us make Soul Shoes go viral.


Make your shoes alone or in groups.  Make them in classrooms, offices, factories, board tables, kitchen tables, garages, sidewalks, huts, playgrounds, villages, townhalls, church centers and basements.  Make them alone or with others.  Engage and think about our children.  Make a shoe with a child. Encourage schools and organizations to make shoes.  Stop the silence.  Smile upon a child.


We welcome all suggestions, ideas and questions.  Please contact us here.


Soul Shoe Entry - Thank you for smiling upon a child killed by violence.

The more you tell us about you & your shoes the better we can tell your story.