Photo by Kak Sok Phirom

We’ve launched our new online magazine highlighting Cambodia’s contemporary arts and culture.

One article at a time, Magical Cambodia is building a magazine that will introduce you to the artists, galleries, writers, dancers, filmmakers, musicians, and spaces that are re-imagining a new Cambodia.  Selpak Kandia translates as “termite art.” It will take “many, many” to build the art and culture community of which young Khmers dream – just as it takes “many, many” termites to build a nest.

We are more than just our ancient temples and dark past.

Let us share with you who we are.

Explore a culture reinventing itself against all odds.

There is something encouraging going on in Cambodia. In 1980, a mere nanosecond ago in history, the nation was in complete wreckage from America’s bombing during the Vietnam War and the annihilation of its people by Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge. Cambodia now welcomes millions of visitors a year, attracted by the many temples and the vivid and unique arts that it is creating.