Erin LeBrockShe’s spirited, fun-loving,industrious and by all bets one fine teacher. Erin LeBrock from Baytown, Texas connects with children and infuses them with her energy and passion for life and learning. What better Soul Shoe Maker? These are the shoes that would skip the hearts of most young girls and they were made with the mind and attention of a woman who invests her life in the essential and vital role of an educator. Erin smiled upon a child who died from violence and will continue to smile and protect the children in her classroom and life. Thank you.  Thank you, Erin.










Erin LeBrock2

Erin LeBrock3

Brandon Watkins with Erin's shoes

A beautiful pair of #soulshoes for #thelivingartscorporation #soulshoeproject done by Teacher #ErinLeBrock. In my possession! Representing the struggle that children go through when exposed to #childviolence These shoes are showing the good and bad. The blue and green shoe goes first because you should always put your #best foot forward. Thank you Erin for these beautiful shoes!