Mike Sheridan’s allegiance to his son Brody is an amazing thing to witness.  Mike, who directs the donation program of the Living Arts Corporation, can be frequently seen trudging up and down the office stairs with large boxes and bags from retailers who donate household goods and ushering in people he gathers around town that need a little comfort sent their way.  Brody comes along whenever possible and assists all of us when we need an extra hand.  When Mike spoke to Brody about making a pair of Soul Shoes, Brody shrugged and seemed a tad indifferent.  Not for long.  Mike set up his workstation in the garage with auto paint, brushes and tools so that on the evenings and weekends that he and Brody could be together they could work on the shoes.  It wasn’t long before Brody was thinking about how to design the shoes and contributing as much thought towards their Hot Rod shoes as Mike.  They worked together for a month and produced some  really racy, daring, wild and wrangling Soul Shoes.  Brody and Mike shared their shoes with the audience of All Nets Have Holes and succinctly explained why the project was important to them.  Mike’s words were so earnest and honest that it pricked all of our hearts.