Dinos for the Deserving

Reporter Herald by David Young
December 9, 2006

Company toy giveaway may be continued all year.

While some companies donate money to a charity or collect canned goods for a food bank during the hoidays, Millennium Group and the Living Arts Corporation are distributing thousands of toy dinosaurs to children throughout the country.

Andy Pizer and Jinx Davis are distributing free dinosaurs this Christmas.

“We started with 50,000 and we are down to 5,000-6,000,” said Davis, who has distributed the dinosaurs all over the country.

The small, coloful toy dinasaurs come in a plastic pack of eight and are free to whomever wants to give them away.

“People have the good sense to know who needs a toy,” Davis said.  “I don’t understand giving unless there are no strings attached.”

The giving as paid off thus far, as chiildren from Denver to Hawaii have the the simply gift of a toy dinosaur.

Davis and Pizer like the ideas of giving away toys so much that they intend to continue doing it year-round.

Davis said in the future they will import yo-yos and hacky-sacks, which they also will give away for free.

“We are not picky where they go,” Davis said. “We trust people to give them away.”



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