All Nets Have Holes - A One Woman Tour de Force

2015 - 2018 Repeated performances throughout the years
All Nets Have Holes is a one woman performance consisting of four separate character driven monodramas. With both corrosive satire and deep empathy, Jinx Davis conveys the lives of four very different women of age, social position and history with a far-reaching capacity of human insight.

Using a minimum of stage props, no scenery and little costume change, Davis performs alone on the stage, giving her audience a vivid impression of the invisible people to whom her characters speak.

Each coherent drama is brave, spellbinding and unconventional.  It is pure and simple theater:  a single woman, creating the illusion of a full drama being enacted.  Both gut-wrenching and hilarious, Davis unshakably becomes the characters she imagines.


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Note:  Clay McLeod Chapman has granted me performance rights to his book rest area & you will see one of his brilliant pieces.  Learn More