It always begins at home.

Since 2008, the Living Arts Corporation has partnered with retail chains to provide household goods to those in need in Northern Colorado. Between America’s recession and the Colorado Flood of 2013, we have distributed over $600,000 of goods to those economically marginalized or affected by crisis.  We have also offered financial assistance and food for struggling familes to get them through rough patches.  Our work is solely accomplished through word of mouth.

The volunteer work is done by Mike Sheridan, a veteran who has an uncanny ability to find those in need.  Each week he picks up retail donations, sorts them and distributes them.  His work is done quietly and the recipients are offered the dignity they are due.  Mike knows that life can be treacherous but that it is also an amazing journey.  His son Brody regularly assists his father and together they have provided assistance to hundreds of good folks in our community.

Mike and Brody are our heros.